Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Welcome to the Preoccupation.

Starting mini residency at Movement, a gallery occupying the site of the gentlemen's toilet on Platform 2 at Worcester's Foregate Street Station. I'm the cheap option, I keep the gallery vacant. Not complaining, just saying like.

It's going to be a Motel/Kandinski IV (Reception), I'll be in situ on and off between 9/10/12 and the 'opening' on Thursday 18th. Want the opening and closing times to match arrival and departure times of trains arriving at 6pm and leaving at 8pm. Will check the timetable. Helen grundy has sent me a piece of work to be included and Alex Johnson, one half of Yoke + Zoom has suggested we make a Johnson & Johnson piece, which might be nice.

I have several ideas brewing; they involve cake and sand and some women dancing. Stay tuned (reception - geddit?)

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