Wednesday, 25 January 2012

The Golden Spike

Last Friday, work and then mad M5 dash to the West Country and then on to Bristol’s Broadwalk Arts for Kitsch show. Having parked up in only free multi story car park in entire Sceptered Isle and wondered aloud if a yellow sports car might be visible than aforementioned vehicle pulled up alongside. JB and Mr Mecca had made the journey down from the shire to share in my moment of glory!

Good turn out at B’walk Arts, set in cheerful but ever so slightly run down precinct south of the river in Knowle. Slight embarrassment at having provided five images and then only seeing the one used, although that did seem to be the main currency. Work of generally high quality including sculptures, stuff made of objects, paintings etc mine was an old collage entitled Venus of the Yards (see above left). Not a bad effort I felt and didn’t let the side down.

Soon after arriving we were greeted by the internationally named Sam Francisco, curator of show. I then attempted to introduce my cabal only to completely forget Jean’s name! A hanging silence followed, seeming to last forever before Jean introduced herself. Whole thing reminded me of the Norman Wisdom joke; ‘There are three things that happen when you get old; first you lose your memory and I can’t remember the other two’.

Afterwards went to opening on Spike Island, work by Haroon Mirza and Suzanne Mooney, liked the former’s work, in particular a sound piece using an old Korg synthesizer to send a repetitive trippy, three note riff into the soundproofed ether. Made me quite nostalgic for old keyboards! Thence onto Bristol Diving Club and then unnamed side street space with diminishing returns. From Spike Island we then drove to bijou Clifton and Indian eaterie for restorative curries. Art and company good in equal measure!

Weekend finished on a positive note with trip in to Bath to watch Man City demolish Spuds by three goals to two. Assembly Rooms was the venue and lovely to watch game on big screen nursing Czech lager after Sunday roast apperatif.

Above is a somewhat gratuitous picture of Darling Number 1 taken on the Cob at Lyme during our pre Xmas adventures along the south coast.

On a personal note this was the first time I’ve had two openings on the same evening having another one in Antwerp. If you remember, last year Pitt and myself went to Europe’s chocolate capital where we met the lovely Leo. He asked us if we would be interested in putting some work in for a show of Album covers for the Ambrassband and Donkey Diesel and this we duly did (see right). If it's not clear, my work advises the viewer/consumer to not buy the LP/CD but instead to go out and steal it. First identify the retail outlet, choose your uniform, secrete disc about your person before finally listening to it in the comfort and privacy of your own home.