Friday, 19 October 2012

One Night Stanza

Well, the 17.56 One Night Stanza from Various Artist is over, a stuffed Dodo, dead in the water. Yours unruly is tired but now out of the Wu and down in Some are set (and some are runny) taking it easy and waiting for his supper. If I was to do a brief evaluation I’d say I was happier with the show when there was no one in it, people being in it seemed to change it somehow – but then it was reception so whatever happened was good.

Nina was a curatorial Goddess, full of cunning and bright ideas. Techno problems came, went and resurfaced as and when but the electrical shop gave me a refund today so a happy ending. Still not found my yellow cable….

Laurie’s MK Phlaag w/Braille & touchy feely fabric looked, and is, terrific! Thank you. 

Thanks to Mark for photo’s – and to everyone who attended. And everyone who didn’t, perhaps next time….?

However, favourite moment was conversation with chap about the West Midland’s rail network and the route between Droitwich and Birmingham;
Him “Dorridge? Sounds like Droitwich”.
Me “No it doesn’t, it sounds like porridge”.

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