Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Heavy Petting

Can we talk about Animal Porn – we can? Recently I was thinking about the morality of a society that condemns this and yet finds it semi acceptable to stuff a duck’s liver with fat until the bird can barely walk, and thinks it’s ok to keep baby calves from the sight of a field before slaughtering them.

To put it in some kind of context; what is the worse thing that can happen to Ricky the family’s Rhodesian Ridgeback following some heavy petting? Maybe it gets confused about it’s place within the pack – starts putting away the shopping and wondering why no one will let it drive on the school run. As for the women, I imagine that shagging a Shire horse that’s hung like a donkey is something that, whilst not for everyone, is nonetheless something one might get drawn towards if the money, and the horse’s personal hygiene are right. So, the next time you’re eating meat you might want to lie back and consider the context. 

Anyway, in other news Various Artist attended Summer Camp at Eastside Projects and this Friday is hoping to attend an all night writing session at Grand Union - so lots of black coffee then. Also my drumming debut at DoL has been put back a week to the 8th, before which I will have had my fifty second birthday. Good, sort of. 

Currently down at Darling #1's and tomorrow the Wood clan will meet to bury John's ashes (you might remember my writing about his death in a post from a couple of months ago). Whilst this will be a sombre occassion there will no doubt be beers of laughter in the pub following the service. Hope so. 

Right, that's it. it is 5.46 and I need to go watch a documentary on the German band Can - they were/are awesome. 

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Sketch #1

Does anyone agree with me that it would be helpful if the armies of the nations of the World wore more distinctive uniforms, like our football teams? Few if any incorporate stripes, let alone hoops and they need an away kit for when they are invading someone else’s country and the two strips clash. Get Nike involved, get a swoosh on those desert boots, and get Addidas to design the UN’s kit. And have advertising on the jackets - they already have the soldiers names in small text on the front, put 'em on the back in bold where the TV audience can see them. Get them in the stores, replica uniforms in kid sizes – support your favourite soldier. Be useful in films too, where every shaven headed killing machine looks pretty much the same as another. I watched Thin Red Line recently and I couldn't tell a Corporate right from a Private wrong. Get some serious sponsorship deals in place too, that way pensions could be guaranteed and we could go back to having bigger armies which would mean better wars, but with their own kit sponsored by, well if you want irony on a World scale then Coke adds life or perhaps the more homely 'we're the Marines and we're lovin' it'.

Friday, 24 August 2012

Road Trip

Somewhere over Northern Spain

Back off holiday – had good time. But very hot, too hot perhaps? And too many insects, too many bitey insects? - but very cheap food and beer, and stunning scenery. Got the Poole – Cherbourg express, a bit like Watford Gap on water; drove down through France, playing ‘name that smell’ with Darling #1, hooked up with the Greens in Chartres, pulled mussels from a shell in Toulouse and cut a dash through the Pyrenees and down into Catalunya, before fetching up outside Calaida in pretty Camarasa.

We enjoyed terrace life, pond life and lite nite life over the course of two weeks – but now I’m back, as pale and interesting as the day I left. TBH I’m not going to add much more to this since you’ve probably been following my adventures via the magic of facebook and there is little point in repeating them here.

Phonetic Phlaagpole 

Art wise; Phonetic Phlaagpole at Supernormal came off, unlike POT at Kassel (some kind of argument I believe that led to the cancelling of all residencies) so kicking my heels a bit, although there is Summer Camp at Eastside Projects next Tuesday followed by my first drumming gig with John Robinson at DoL the following Saturday. It's always busier than one thinks, is it not?