Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Title (t.b.a)

No sleep last night. Wired. Got up at 3.30, made tea, got things ready for the morning. Typed this, burned that, put batteries on to charge. Had text from Nina saying she’d be at M first thing. Only new idea I’ve had is to film myself at a roadside burger van eating one of their ‘meals’. Going to Malvern tomorrow to pick up projector, might do it on the way. It’s a reception of sorts.

Good day, M first, then over to Malvern and a coffee with Mr Mecca followed by tea and a natter with the female half of Yolk + Zoom, which helped enormously – even got event out on the ‘book with encouraging response from you lot out there in bookville. Filmed at M until it grew too dark to blink – oh yes, bought turf and full marks to Nephew #2 for carrying it up to the gallery. Did I mention that he appears to have moved in? – I didn’t, well, he appears to have moved in.

And I picked up the Motel/Kandinski flag from Laurie’s, terrific stuff – as usual!

Had a beer and am contemplating pasta. Fucked…. 

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