Tuesday, 16 October 2012

I'd Like To Nietzsche World To Sing

Back in gallery today. Good to see Jose who dropped by, nice chat, saw her recent show at Croombe Court. Also chatted with nice man who declined my offer to help paint miniature soldiers and also turned down my offer of a Cadbury’s finger biscuit or three.

Most intersting was chap who came in with blood dripping from some form of cut on the back of his shaven head. Gave him some wipes which he took from me using a hand with knuckles bearing the one word legend that is H.A.T.E. Still he parted with a cheery ‘Nice one, mate’ as he went of to drip blood all over Great Western’s nicely upholstered London to Hereford grunter shunter. Happy days.

At the main gallery I met up with artists Michael from Stoke and Alan from somewhere who I then lost when I went to buy several hi viz vests for Thursday’s show. Very long drawn out negotiation with chap in PJ’s worktogs, couldn’t resist an ‘initialsake’! Vests are totally puntastic, examples being Forever Jung and Barthes Simpson. Groan at your leisure..... 

I am still a little nervous, only now slightly less so. John Robinson wants to play at the opening, maybe that’s one for another time. 

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