Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Long Bleat

I am currently in Starbucks coffee house in the Plazza at Longleat Centerparcs. I have the best part of an hour to kill before returning to live with muggles in the real World. Unable to login/on due to a combination of free wi-fi won’t cooperate and dongle doesn’t want to know, I therefore revert to type. Along with extended family I have been on downtime since Friday with Ping pong, Articulate and frenzied eating all to distract from the matter in hand namely what to do about the billboard. The billboard really deserves it’s own page and I am happy to indulge it.

It is mid November and yet the place is already being billed as a winter wonderland, complete with snow scenes featuring mainstays of the kitsch kingdom; rabbits, foxes and reindeer. From the plein air skating rink at the Jardin des Sports a stack of speakers throws out winter warmers from yester year; Wizzard, Waitresses, and Elton etc. Spiritually we are warm as toast.

Now back in the shire and wtf is going on the City Walls Rd? new shopping monstrosity is called the Shopping Quarter or some such. Since when did we need ‘quarters’, no doubt there is history on it’s side and even Brum has form in this area; Jewellery, Irish, Chinese and Gay rubbing shoulders with Eastside and the rag market. Back in town and on the edge of Lowesmoor stands a Private shop just begging out for the addition of ‘Public Space?'

Start of months PV's at Pitt Project Space and Division of Labour; the later featuring a fake ‘gun’ that we all had fun with, taking turns to play at being Bond. Nathan’s new venture (I'll Kill) got off to a flying start although that wasn’t reflected in the attendance which hovered in the low single figures.

Ms MoneyPenny Baynham

Monopoly ‘boards’ coming on. One should be framed by now, what is going on?

Sir MoneyPenny

Shows in Stoke (Rednile) and London (books of some description) need chasing up.  Got to finish off, or better still start LP cover for Antwerp and Foxy Knoxy as Madonna for Boardwalk Kitsch. Oh and doing a jumble sale at Room13 first Sunday in December. See you there. 

And last but not least, pats on backs to Ms Baynham and Mr Pitt for their success in getting chosen for the 5x5x5 project.