Sunday, 5 June 2011

the extra ordinary boy

This weekend your roving reporter has been out of the shire and getting dirty and lowdown with the North East Summerset. Reason being that Darling Number 1's very own Darling Number 1 (eldest daughter, hers, no involvement from Scot) is tying the knot in order to create the Chudd Family Unit. The CFU will comprise initially of H and S - that's Hat 'n' Si to you and me. Weather held off, knot got tied, speeches got spoke and the whole thing passed without a hitch. Darling Number 1, as well as proving a more than adequate dance floor foil for Lee FromHollyoaks has a both intensive and extensive family forest, most of which seemed to have taken root in this small corner of the West Country.

Speech wise both Darling Number 1 and Simon delivered perfectly pitched responses to Beckington's got talent while Best Man Mark bookended with an amusing story of the time Simon was sick over some whales. Both current members of the CFU are now both fully paid up and lovely and whilst for the moment it's a closed group of two I will keep you all updated of any future additions. Probably in nine months time.

My role in the shenanigans was to record it for 'all time', and I'm grateful for the tips from Various about the importance of framing, getting things in focus and not having too many lingering shots of the eight bridesmaid's bottoms. 'Posterity not posteriors' as Various put it.

One door opens and a window closes. I've recently been informed that Nephew Number 1 (out of three) has parted from the lovely Giulia. Both his mother and I wish we could bash him on the bonce with breeze blocks and inject some sense in what passes for a brain. I received a message from Giulia where she mentioned that one of the sadder parts of splitting up with someone is losing touch with their friends and family. Having just learned that Darling Number 1 might at some point come 'in to' money I can confirm that I am putting all movement on hold. And Nephew, you're only remaining Number 1 on basis of being the first born son and heir.

In other news word reaches me that Various has some exciting (his word) plans in store re his art practice. These include a website revamp (again) as well as a concept which he calls 'product placement'. In this Various 'places' limited numbers of dvd's, t shirts, prints, postcards, road kill, signage etc in public places. Each one will be numbered and stamped with the VA web address inviting the lucky finders to make contact. I can't say I'm convinced but we'll see........

Scot checking out......a bientot.

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