Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Jesus and the Food Chain

A couple of days ago I cleaned out a kitchen cupboard, to make room for a post apocalyptic pantry. Following a chat with the lovely Jo at Minimum Wage Manouevres, as sensibly brogued a soul as set foot etc I have begun adding an extra tin of this, a packet of that every time I trouble the cashiers. Jo recently confided in me that she has a below stairs cupboard, or space as we artists label such things, that she has kitted out with all manner of delicacies with which to keep her loved one's spirits up come the 'big one'. Rockets, meteors, squads of deathhead looters might maraude above and radiation might have cordoned off the playground but under Jo's stairs there will be a best before feast of loaf and fish proportions. Except there won't be fish, not fresh anyway.

I was going to write out an infantry of what's hot and what's off in my particular food chain but to be honest I can't be arsed. The cupboard is quite low down, I'd need to make a list and I don't have a pen to hand. However, if anyone is interested there's lots of pasta and rice. Not much to go with them but I won't go short on carbs. Actually the thing that strikes me when buying stuff is that, bearing in mind the real Rapture is scheduled for next December, is the sell by/best before dates; won't be needing anything beyond 21/12/12 -  2014? Forget it, won't be here. And neither will you.

What else? Last weekend, along with Darling number 1 went down to Dorset to draw deeply on the salty air and drop in on the cousins. No sign of Martin but Sarah remains reassuringly loopy and has invited us back down in late August and we, in turn. have invited several others along. She won't be happy but she has a large garden that is just crying out for tentage.

Pitt and Various are playing at Supernormal festival this summer; I'll let you have details when Various gives them to me. Both myself and Darling Number 1 are hoping to go along and offer support, encouragment and pre apocalypse foodstuffs. Before then however, we have August's roadtrip to Spain to think about.......but that is for the future.

Scot.......over and out x

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