Friday, 24 August 2012

Road Trip

Somewhere over Northern Spain

Back off holiday – had good time. But very hot, too hot perhaps? And too many insects, too many bitey insects? - but very cheap food and beer, and stunning scenery. Got the Poole – Cherbourg express, a bit like Watford Gap on water; drove down through France, playing ‘name that smell’ with Darling #1, hooked up with the Greens in Chartres, pulled mussels from a shell in Toulouse and cut a dash through the Pyrenees and down into Catalunya, before fetching up outside Calaida in pretty Camarasa.

We enjoyed terrace life, pond life and lite nite life over the course of two weeks – but now I’m back, as pale and interesting as the day I left. TBH I’m not going to add much more to this since you’ve probably been following my adventures via the magic of facebook and there is little point in repeating them here.

Phonetic Phlaagpole 

Art wise; Phonetic Phlaagpole at Supernormal came off, unlike POT at Kassel (some kind of argument I believe that led to the cancelling of all residencies) so kicking my heels a bit, although there is Summer Camp at Eastside Projects next Tuesday followed by my first drumming gig with John Robinson at DoL the following Saturday. It's always busier than one thinks, is it not? 

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