Monday, 28 May 2012


Right, first up is the news that Working Men’s Klub are off to Dusseldorf to find Kraftwerk’s Kling Klang. Eastside Projects have kindly given us a small token of encouragement which we have promised not to fritter away on Wheat beer and pretzels. There is a Twitter account although I have no idea how you access it.

Also had very productive 'surgery' there with Liz Rowe which has led to a bit of an overhaul of the www. Go there if you've not already.

Second up is that Supernormal festival have accepted my proposal for a flagpole flying the legend that is Ing-Er-Land. However they have yet to reply to my email informing them that I will need to dig a hole and fill it with cement; otherwise the pole will fall over the moment some festival crackhead leans on it to get his bearings.

Third up; Herefordshire’s Downstairs Gallery haven’t dismissed out of hand my proposal for flying the legend that is the Ing-Er-Land flag from an upstairs window during the Euro’s/Olympix. The reason being that the Union Flag always seems to be most prominent in more run down estates; put it this way, you never see one hanging from a window at Windsor. Anyway, they are going to think about it and get back to me.

And fourthly; Rednile/Stoke on Trent – finally got together with Chris (with whom I am collaborating) in Worcester. We agreed on an idea/concept and Chris returned to the Potteries with a mission to get some chums kitted out in 70’s clobber and photo’d by a Modernistic looking bus stop.  Stay posted.

Ok, enough for now. Here’s a photo of Nat + Angela + Jenny at the races. 

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