Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Diner, Pay Later!

I recently ate breakfast at an American styled diner. The food was merely warm, took ages to arrive but the coffee was warm and plentiful. The sound was wall to wall utopian rock ‘n’ roll with Watergate, ‘Naam, the Bay of Pigs and Jackson’s Moonwalk – or a real Moon walk still years away. This is the only time a Cliff Richard record has come as light relief. The company however was good – Darling Number 1 and the Pitt family making up the dining party. Anyway, done it, one particular itch I no longer have a need to scratch.

I had the vegetarian option. When I say the vegetarian option I mean just that, there was just the one. I can’t remember what Darling #1 ate but I do recall that Mrs Pitt ate sausages and the elder of the two miniatures had pancakes, which we all tried a morsel of. They weren’t very nice to be honest, bit neither here nor there, maybe if I’d managed to cadge a bit of the ice cream that might have been nice.

The more quick witted amongst you will point out that pancakes are also a veggie option. I counter that with, yes, but it’s a veggie full English or nothing at all. But then this is food from the other side of the pond, with a Utopian soundtrack to match, whilst we live in dystopian world of E numbers and fats that saturate.  

Please note that at the American diner you do not get free refills of tea, only coffee. We only discovered this when we asked for the reality check.

(Scot is away) 

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