Saturday, 1 June 2013

Cunt'ry Life

This month Scot of the Attic is promoting Cunt'ry Life Online Magazine               

Issue 19 - OUT NOW! 

Packed full of Tractor Articles, Ploughing Reviews, the Muck Spreading Gossip Column, Tips on how to Sow Your Seed, Horrorscopes, Farm Girl Fashion, T.V Drama - Swine Flu Over the Cuckold's Nest, How to Cook Roadkill (and not poison your family in the process), Health and Beauty - farm hands and moisteurising, Know Your Hole, True Romance - 'I fell in love with a scarecrow' by Hugh Heiffer! PLUS competitions + prizes.................. 

....and all on a farmboy’s wages!

                                                           (Back issues still available)                                      


Scot Atticus is currently on holiday, he may return before the end of the month. 

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