Thursday, 17 January 2013

After Debbie Did Dallas

Thanks to Various Artist for sending in this, the first of a three parter. More to follow, apparently. 

After Debbie did Dallas she did a lot of things. First she did Denver Co, then Des Moines Io and finally Bakersfield, a town north of Los Angeles. Attempting to go straight she moves to LA and waits on tables and dreams that don’t show. Two months later she is drinking at Theolonious Loneliness, a topless piano bar for singles on the corner of Chaos and Bedlam when in walks Pierre. Pierre is a professional fluffer from back in the day. She exchanges pleasantries and her life story for a Night and Day with olives. A week later they move in together but split when he starts bringing work home. Broke, Debbie auditions for and gets the part of Belinda in Sore throat, ‘The show that went ‘down’ on Broadway’.

Eighteen months later and Debbie is now called Karen Eliot. She lives in Lincoln Ne. 

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