Monday, 12 March 2012

12th March 2012

My head is now quite royally fucked, sleep is what other people do when they go to bed and today my left cheekbone hurts whenever I yawn, which is frequently due to the lack of sleep. It's lunchtime and I’m currently over staying my welcome at Darling #1’s, I should be gone but I’m hoping she’s coming back from work and I might get fed.

Still not got anything for the billboard at PPspace, but this morning I have been purposeful and alert. I have sent off a proposal for this year’s Supernormal festival and drawn up another one for Eastside Projects' travelling bursary for ESP's.

The latter will involve a field trip to Dusseldorf to find something that does not want to be found, namely Kling Klang studios, home of the legendary German synth band Kraftwerk, writers of such fun, fun, fun on the medium wave dial as The Model, Radio Activity and my own favourite, Ohm Sweet Ohm.  I only want £350, which as it happens is what they are offering, not to me but to whoever wins. Have roped Nathaniel in for this, would be fun if we got it.

Went to small cocktail gallery in Bristol on Friday, met the legendary Alex from fb and enjoyed looking at her work. Went back on Saturday with D#1 in tow for a pavement pizza + beer with Alex before cheerfully sending her off in what was apparently the wrong direction for the motorway.

Tonight I’m going to football back at the Wu in the Shire, but don’t talk to me about football, or swans. No matter.

I know I only appear to post once a month and there isn’t much here to fill a weekend let alone a month but rest assured I do do other shit, just can’t be arsed to write it down.

It’s 1.15, what time do they have lunch in schools? I think that she is not coming back and I might have to forage for myself.


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