Sunday, 11 December 2011

Worcestershire Walkabout Minutes

Present; NP, AL, HM, JLM, PJ

Apologies; NC, AP, CP,MP, JB

Matters Arising; n/a

W-CA welcomed both JLM and HM on the occasion of their first artist walk and talk.

It was agreed to walk from Division of Labour to the Red Lion pub via the Beacon.

NP suggested that the slow pace set on the previous walk and since attributed to the presence of small children was not necessarily the case. With hindsight it appears that certain adults might have held the children back.

Upon reaching a compass type thing three people voted to go straight to the pub (NP, JLM, PJ) and two to go on to the Beacon. Following on from discussions it was decided that the whole party would go on to the summit.

The Beacon

At the Beacon it was agreed that photographs would be taken; A) evidence that the task had been completed and B) to amuse friends on fbook.

On the descent it was decided to enter St Anne’s Well. Following an enquiry by PJ both he and JLM used the toilets.

Upon arriving at the Red Lion pub light refreshments were ordered. Two people (AL and JLM) had meals and the remainder had chips. All decided to order drinks with all bar PJ enjoying lagers. Two of the pints tasted of cheese and a motion was put forward to request replacements. After further discussion it was decided not to proceed but to instead write off the round.

Following discussions as to the merits of hills versus rivers it was agreed that the next walk would take place in Worcester.


Harry, in replying to PJ’s suggestion that henceforth he be known as Alligator ‘Arry pointed out that there are in fact no Alligators in Australia.

Photos reproduced courtesy of JLM.

Date of Next Meeting 

18th December, 2pm, Rectifying House, Worcester. 


  1. I understood that the said larger tasted of egg and not cheese and would like the minutes to reflect this. JLM