Friday, 28 October 2011

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It seems so long since we last spoke. Properly. In that time much has happened. Frieze was dealt with in the previous post but I have since taken pictures of Phonetic Phlaag planted on top of Fort Royal Hill in Worcester, cradle of the Civil Wars from the disputed first skirmish at Powick Bridge on the outskirts to the final battle within the city walls. I’d like to take it round the country and document it in a variety of uninspiring locations before exhibiting the pictures in equally uninspiring white cubes.

Worcester from Fort Royal Hill

This has coincided with a new approach to work. Potential year zero with my first work being that of the flag. I intend to use icons (the flag, hoodies etc) to make a new questioning political art. It will be austere yet glamorous and all at the same time, with no allegiances to anything other than art, common sense and bad taste. Strange bedfellows of course but since when has that been a bad thing?

Working Men’s Klub have been asked to supply Movement Gallery with a copy of the film that we made of Peter Carey’s house called Apple Without Cheese and we’ve been happy to oblige.

Talking of Nathaniel he has two shows coming up; one at the Pitt Project Space and featuring photography and one at his new gallery in Malvern, Division of Labour. Nat has been telling anyone who will listen that he’s got a real decommissioned pistol for the private view. This has been met with (understandable/universal) scepticism. At the time of writing the Chief Constable hasn’t bothered to respond to Nat’s email outlining his intentions.  Probably get busted on opening night . . .

First Monopoly board has gone in to be framed. This one is full size but there are miniature versions (Killer) to follow.

Ciao for now x

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