Sunday, 18 September 2011

Post. Stuff.

Britain, post riots, has seen Working Men's Klub, the cabaret arm of the Pitt/Artist movement plying their trade at Supernormal festival. Smoking, with the Dan Flavin bar; you really find out who your friends are once you start charging for drinks. Various has had another birthday and is gearing up for a November trip to Madrid with Nathaniel to co-curate J.R's Albrecht's Birthday.

Phonetic Phlaag

Enjoyed a sunny pre birthday September day with Darling Number 1 photographing Phonetic Phlag on Studland beach (with maybe more photos to follow). Later ran into Mr Meca and JB enjoying a mid month Malvern vernissage at 4A gallery. Thoughtful wheat snacks and a seemingless endless supply of wine made the evening swing harder than Sinatra.

Won a bear called Elliot in a Co-Op sponsored 'name the bear' competition. Bear about town. Bear care? wear a seat belt when riding shotgun.

Talking of work it goes on and on and on. Maybe not a bad thing, maybe a very bad thing. Depends on what else needs to be done.

Making Monopoly board games, so many I should maybe call them Monotony boards. Comments on capitalism, maybe a philanthropic approach to monetary based games. Fits in nicely with the suits (maybe called SaintHoodz) and the flag. Gather round the phlag. Go to gaol, free dogging etc

September 11th came and went. Chile had her own September 11th date with U.S inspired destiny in the early 1970's. Who knew? Who remembered? Ken Loach remembered.

Ok, let's go . . . somewhere, somewhere quiet where we can all be together.

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